The Windows 10 Icons Database Version 2.0

By | April 22, 2016

A month before the first anniversary of The Windows 10 Icons Database, I’m proud to announce that today a brand new, shiny version 2.0 of The Windows 10 Icons Database has launched, check it out at

The new homepage

What happened to V1?

Yeah, I guess I have some explaining to do here…

No post-RTM icon changes were added to the database even though there were a lot of new icons in TH2, so why weren’t they added? Well, most of these icons were in files other than system32.dll and imageres.dll, and neither the original back-end, nor the front end were designed to handle icons in a lot of different files, so adding them required a complete rewrite (or a quick and dirty patchjob, I guess) of the site. Spare time to maintain projects like these was scarce back then, so no more updates were added for the remainder of 2015 and the first months of 2016. In February I finally found some time to (every now an then) start coding the new version and 2 months later it’s finally ready.

What’s new in V2?

Let’s start with the most important thing, the database is brought completely up to date with all 33 Insider builds, the coverage was also expanded from only system32.dll and imageres.dll to over 60 dll and exe files.Improved icon pages

Adding all these new icons and files called for a better way of organizing and loading icons, whereas the old site would load all icons on page load (making pages very slow), this new version will load a list of files and only load the icons inside once you expand a file section.

The improved filtering at the top of a builds page allows you to show all icons or only those updated in that specific build (as before), but it also allows you to compare any 2 builds, useful for comparing e.g. the latest Redstone build against the November Update.


Build pages now feature some more info, like the full buildstring, (fast ring) release date etc.:IconsDBV2BuildInfo

The last big change is in the download system, upon clicking one of the download buttons you’ll be presented with a bunch of options:

You’ll find the same improved filtering criteria, the ability to download icons as png files (in addition to the original ico files) and the option to only include specific files in the download.IconsDBV2DownloadOptions

There are some other minor additions like a full changelog, an FAQ page and countless other tweaks and bugfixes.

Some stats

Version 1 of the database ended up hosting 558 different icon variations in 10 builds, version 2.0 launches with 2624 variations in 33 builds.

In the past year The Windows 10 Icons Database served over 12.000 downloads.

These were the 5 most popular icons:

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This PC


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(Empty) Recycle bin


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Disk drive

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(Filled) Recycle bin

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Downloads folder

What’s next?

I promise that going forward I’ll do a better job of keeping the database up to date, I’m sure Redstone will bring us some interesting new icons… ;)

I also have plans for more minor improvements as well as major new features, but I’m going to hold off on the details for now (just in case it takes me another year to complete those features).