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How to enable the Windows 10 Notification Center

First of all: I’m merely re-posting this trick, all credit goes to Adrian (@adeyblue)! Most of the info below is simply taken from his readme. Here’s what the notification center looks like in build 9841: How do you enable it? Download the hack: 9841NotificationCenter.zip Copy the correct notificationact.dll (x86/x64) to C:\notificationcenter\ Run notifyactids.reg and notifyclassids.reg to add them to… Read More »

“Windows 10 Partner Guidance” reveals some more details on Windows 10

Yesterday Microsoft talked about Windows 10 (Threshold) for the first time (click here to rewatch the event if you missed it). Thanks to a confidential partner document posted on MDL Forums we now have a some more details regarding the preview and Windows 10 in general. First off, the document clearly states: “Microsoft also shared… Read More »