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The Windows 10 Icons Database Version 2.0

A month before the first anniversary of The Windows 10 Icons Database, I’m proud to announce that today a brand new, shiny version 2.0 of The Windows 10 Icons Database has launched, check it out at Icons.Bav0.com. What happened to V1? Yeah, I guess I have some explaining to do here… No post-RTM icon changes… Read More »

Converting any Chrome extension to Edge (in theory)

We already established Edge extensions and Chrome extensions are very similar, so, with Edge extensions now available in build 14291, how exactly would one convert an existing Chrome extension to run in Edge? It’s hard to give a complete guide without official documentation (We’ll have to wait for Build to get that), but from digging… Read More »

Running Microsoft Edge extensions in Chrome

Earlier today a landing page for Microsoft Edge’s Extensions went live ahead of the official launch, it includes three downloadable extensions: Microsoft Translator, Reddit Enhancement Suite, and Mouse Gestures. For now the extensions are simple .exe files that extract the necessary files for sideloading into Edge to your Downloads folder. It’s currently impossible to get these extensions working in… Read More »

No, the Pi isn’t a full Windows PC, but yes, it will have a GUI

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing a free version of Windows 10 for the new Raspberry Pi 2. This is definitely an exciting opportunity for makers building all sort of cool stuff, it’s an interesting move by Microsoft, it’s a lot of things, but it certainly isn’t a cheap PC. “It’s not… Read More »

How to enable the Windows 10 Notification Center

First of all: I’m merely re-posting this trick, all credit goes to Adrian (@adeyblue)! Most of the info below is simply taken from his readme. Here’s what the notification center looks like in build 9841: How do you enable it? Download the hack: 9841NotificationCenter.zip Copy the correct notificationact.dll (x86/x64) to C:\notificationcenter\ Run notifyactids.reg and notifyclassids.reg to add them to… Read More »

“Windows 10 Partner Guidance” reveals some more details on Windows 10

Yesterday Microsoft talked about Windows 10 (Threshold) for the first time (click here to rewatch the event if you missed it). Thanks to a confidential partner document posted on MDL Forums we now have a some more details regarding the preview and Windows 10 in general. First off, the document clearly states: “Microsoft also shared… Read More »