Purr is an app that will help you stop procrastinating and be more productive by giving you a better sense of the passing of time using subtle vibrations.

The app was inspired by Durr, a watch designed by the Norwegian designer duo Skrekkøgle. Durr is a minimalist watch without a watch face that will simply vibrate every 5 minutes to alert you that yet another 5 minutes have passed. This ‘metronome of life’ will give you a better sense of time and remind you that boring meeting hasn’t been going on for hours *durrr* nope, just 5 minutes. That thing that would only take you a minute? *durr* It has already taken 5…

Still not convinced? Read this review by The Verge’s Aaron Souppouris: Counting minutes with Durr, the watch without a face, or watch the video below.

What’s that? You don’t want to spend €105/$120 on a watch without a face? You don’t want another watch on your wrist? You’re not sure if this will work for you and want to try it out first? Then Purr is exactly what you’re looking for, Purr brings this unique experience right to your phone!

While Purr is running it will vibrate your phone every 5 minutes, just like Durr. But there’s more, the app allows you to change the interval between vibrations and customize the vibrations themselves. You can even choose to sync the vibrations to the clock so your phone vibrates at 5 past, 10 past, a quarter past, …

Privacy Policy: Bav0.com/purrprivacy

Purr is available in BlackBerry World for free

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Windows/Windows Phone and android apps coming soon!