About me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My name is Bavo (Luysterborg, and yes, that’s my real name :P ), I’m a Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and BlackBerry app developer and I’m passionate about IT in general. My main interest is beta software, I like staying on top of the latest technology :-).

In my spare time I make YouTube videos, mostly about newly leaked Windows betas, you can check them out here: Bavo Luysterborg on YouTube
I used to be “bavogames” on YouTube, but that channel got suspended, now I run a new channel: YouTube.com/BavoLuysterborg

You can follow me on twitter, I’m @BAV0 over there. On other sites you’ll find me as Bavo Luysterborg, bavogames or BAV0. (That’s a zero at the end, not an o ;-) )

If you have any question or suggestions, or just want to say hi, contact me on Twitter, or use the contact form on this blog.

About this blog

This blog is for all the stories, rants and elaborate opinions that just won’t fit in a 140 character tweet (If you’re interested in bite-sized chunks of my mind click here). I’m not entirely sure what content will be going up on this site, but we’ll find out sooner or later…I guess.