9600.17031 *IS* RTM and here’s why!

By | March 16, 2014

There has been a lot of debate around the latest Windows 8.1 Update leak and whether or not it’s RTM. I am sure that build 9600.17031 is in fact RTM, regardless of what some people are claiming!

Firstly, WZOR confirmed that 9600.17031 was compiled as RTM long before it leaked, he intended to leak it after March 14th, once he would be sure that the build was final. (Microsoft has a 2-week testing period after RTM is compiled, then it’s signed-off as the final RTM, unless very serious bugs are found) Since it’s now March 16th and, according to WZOR, Microsoft hasn’t built a new RTM, we can be pretty sure 9600.17031 is the final build we’ll get through Windows Update.

Then there is the claim by PCBeta member “wbpluto”, he claimed that the leaked build wasn’t signed off as RTM yet:



When he posted this Microsoft was indeed still busy testing this build, that might explain his claims.

QFE patches

It’s interesting to note that this is the same guy who claimed that Windows 8.1’s RTM wasn’t final. He was right, sort of… There were additional Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) patches available when Windows 8.1 was officially released. WZOR has confirmed that there will be some QFE patches for 8.1.1 too.

Build 9600.17042?

A couple of day ago a new build number surfaced, “build 9600.17042” was discovered in a KB article for 2941455.17042

People jumped to conclusions and claimed that the leak wasn’t RTM and Microsoft compiled a new build, this is simply not true. This hotfix only updates some components to the new build number, not the entire OS! In fact, this hotfix requires the leak to be installed! This basically confirms that 9600.17031 is RTM!

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