How to enable the Windows 10 Notification Center

First of all: I’m merely re-posting this trick, all credit goes to Adrian (@adeyblue)! Most of the info below is simply taken from his readme. Here’s what the notification center looks like in build 9841: How do you enable it? Download the hack: Copy the correct notificationact.dll (x86/x64) to C:\notificationcenter\ Run notifyactids.reg and notifyclassids.reg to add them to… Read More »

“Windows 10 Partner Guidance” reveals some more details on Windows 10

Yesterday Microsoft talked about Windows 10 (Threshold) for the first time (click here to rewatch the event if you missed it). Thanks to a confidential partner document posted on MDL Forums we now have a some more details regarding the preview and Windows 10 in general. First off, the document clearly states: “Microsoft also shared… Read More »

The truth behind Microsoft’s start menu ‘demo’

Lately there has been some discussion on MDL forums about whether or not the start screen and windowed apps Microsoft demoed at BUILD 2014 were a real build or just mock-ups. Let’s settle this once and for all! There is something important everybody seamed to forget in this debate. That screenshot that’s all around the web… Read More »

How/Why a Windows subscription might work [Concept]

Leaked screenshots suggested that Microsoft was working on a subscription model for Windows appropriately called “Windows 365″, much like Office 365. But then Mary Jo Foley came along to crush our hopes and dreams: “Windows 365: Not coming to a PC near you” Long story short, nothing called Windows 365 exists and Microsoft isn’t working on a… Read More »

Windows 8.1 with Bing is official, but what about ProfessionalStudent?

In one of the Windows 8.1 Update leaks we discovered two new SKUs: CoreConnected and ProfessionalStudent. As I reported here before, CoreConnected is called “Windows 8.1 With Bing” and it is a free version of Windows targeted at low-cost OEM devices. A couple of days ago Microsoft officially announced Windows 8.1 with Bing on their blog,… Read More »

Windows 9 “Cloud” – A DaaS concept

WZOR recently wrote about Windows 8.1 Update 2 and Windows 9. He claimed Windows 8.1 Update 2 (or 8.2, nobody knows yet) is planned for September 2014 (Mary Jo Foley, on the other hand, claims it will be August). The most interesting part of WZOR’s post, however, are his rumours about “Windows 9” (currently scheduled… Read More »

Windows 8.1 Update OEM letter reveals RTM, OneNote bundling and full ISOs

Windows 8.1 Update has been leaked a while ago, OEMs already got the files for some time too, but today the OEM Letter got leaked along with the MSUs the OEMs got. You can download the OEM letter to check it out yourself: X1953446LTR.pdf And the MSUs OEMs got (client and server, x86, x64 and ARM): X19-53446.img… Read More »